March 2018

A Failed #MeToo Moment In Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan?

A scandal has broken out within the Legislative Yuan due to allegations of sexual harassment by a male legislative assistant directed at female legislative assistants and other female co-workers. The man in question, referred to in the media as “H.”, is a middle-aged legislative assistant who has worked in the Legislative Yuan for over ten years, during the course of which he harassed at least seven women... Read More

Misunderstandings Abound Regarding Taiwan Travel Act

The passage of the Taiwan Travel Act has been hailed as a triumph by pro-Taiwan groups in the US as representing a step forward in advancing US-Taiwan relations. On the other hand, media coverage of the passage of the Taiwan Travel Act by western media has oftentimes acted as though the move is dangerously provocative of China. Both polarized positions may miss part of the point... Read More

Reports Of Taiwan Affairs Office Merger Denied By China, But Raise Questions About Taiwan Policy

Reports of a planned merger of China’s Taiwan Affairs Office with its Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Offices to form the “Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office of the State Council” were later denied by China. But, either way, this does gesture towards recent acts by China which make it appear as though China seeks to streamline and make uniform its policies towards Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau... Read More

Not Guilty Verdict Upheld For Sunflower Movement Protesters After Appeal By Prosecutors

The Taiwan High Court ruling to uphold the acquittal of 22 Sunflower Movement activists for their actions during the 2014 occupation of the Legislative Yuan maintains a previous ruling approximately one year ago that found Sunflower Movement activists not guilty on the basis that their actions were justified civil disobedience. What is this indicative of, in reflecting on close to four years since the movement broke out and the year since the previous ruling?... Read More

Attacks On Independence Activists Indicate Willingness To Use Violence By Pro-Unification Camp

Charges filed against youth activists from a pro-independence group for throwing red paint onto the sarcophagus of Chiang Kai-Shek in the Cihu Mausoleum, accusations of Internet censorship, attacks by pro-unfication activists on the longstanding occupation of the Free Taiwan Party outside the Legislative Yuan, and a physical attack by pro-unification activists on Tsay Ting-Kuei of the Free Taiwan Party have provoked outrage... Read More