Umbrella Movement

Claims That Five Hongkongers Detained in Taiwan Since July Stir Controversy

Controversy has broken out after claims that the Taiwanese government has been holding five Hongkongers that fled to Taiwan under detention for the last two months. The Taiwanese government was, for the most part, opaque over past weeks about whether it is, in fact, holding the five Hongkongers—with questions having been raised about whether they have been allowed to see lawyers or contact their families... Read More

Apple Daily Arrests, Raid Likely Intended to Have a Chilling Effect in Hong Kong’s Media Environment

Jimmy Lai, the owner of the Apple Daily and Next Digital, was arrested today under the provisions of the Hong Kong national security law. Lai’s two sons and at least seven other senior staff members were also taken into custody on various charges. Shortly after Lai's arrest, which took place at 7 AM, over two hundred police were mobilized to search the Apple Daily and Next Digital's offices at 10 AM... Read More

Political Crackdown in Hong Kong Continues, With Disqualification of Twelve Pro-Democracy Candidates

Twelve pro-democracy candidates running in the Hong Kong Legislative Council elections were disqualified from running yesterday. The Hong Kong government previously suggested that it delay elections by one year, using the current COVID-19 pandemic as a pretext to do so. However, the Hong Kong government may be hedging its bets by also disqualifying pro-democracy candidates beforehand, eliminating choices apart from pro-Beijing candidates... Read More

The Dangerous Myth of Monolithically Right-Wing Hong Kong Protesters

In the weeks leading up to the passing of the new national security law in Hong Kong, a Twitter-based smear campaign against the city’s protesters has been relentlessly trying to sway opinions among the Anglophone Left. Led by Chinese diaspora account Qiao Collective and the conspiracy blog Grayzone, these critics dismissed the popular Hong Kong uprising as nothing more than a CIA-backed colored revolution, and accused its participants of being pro-Trump, anti-Black Lives Matter right-wingers... Read More