Filibuster Of Labor Changes In Legislature, Outrage Over DPP Comments

Outrage has ensued against the DPP’s compromise of its values with the passage of new changes to the Labor Standards Act, particularly following conflict between DPP legislators and Hsu Yung-ming of the NPP in the Legislative Yuan, during which DPP legislator Chiu Yi-ying lashed out verbally at Sunflower Movement activists... Read More

Despite Occurring Under Ma Administration, KMT Attempts To Pin Ching Fu Scandal On DPP

The Ching Fu scandal continues to unfold, regarding the suspicious circumstances in which a 35.8 billion NTD contract was awarded to the Ching Fu Corporation to construct minesweepers for the navy, something it later proved unable to do. The KMT has taken the unusual tactic of trying to pin a scandal that occurred under Ma Ying-Jeou onto the DPP, however... Read More

Trump’s Asia Trip So Far Inconclusive

Evaluations of Trump’s Asia trip remain ambiguous, with Trump’s unorthodox means of conducting diplomacy leading to difficulties evaluating whether his trip advanced or compromised American interests in the Asia Pacific. However, an early evaluation suggests that while no fundamental shift in the status quo of the Asia Pacific has yet occurred following Trump’s trip, China’s position has been strengthened due to the image that the irregularities of Trump’s actions present to the international world... Read More

RCA Court Ruling A Victory For Workers, But What Now?

A ruling by the Taiwan High Court in favor of RCA workers whose health was affected by industrial pollution is a victory, not only for RCA workers but for Taiwanese labor overall. A landmark case in Taiwanese labor, the case is also a case with few precedents in Taiwanese jurisprudence, as a class action lawsuit with hundreds of plaintiffs. Subsequently, it remains to be seen what will come next for efforts to secure justice for RCA workers... Read More