100th Case of COVID-19 Confirmed, Entry of Foreign Travelers Banned in Taiwan

Twenty-three new confirmed cases of the COVID-19 coronavirus were announced in Taiwan today. This is the largest jump in the number of COVID-19 cases that has occurred to date and brings the total number of COVID-19 cases in Taiwan to 100. As such, the CECC announced the largest expansion of travel restrictions to date earlier today. Foreign nationals will now be blocked from entering Taiwan altogether, unless they are traveling to Taiwan for business or for diplomatic purposes, or if they have an ARC or APRC... Read More

RCA Ruling Pays Compensation to Only 24 of 246 Plaintiffs

The long-running RCA case, one of Taiwan’s major class-action lawsuits against chemical pollution and its effects on the health of Taiwanese factory workers, continues to be unresolved. This can be observed in a ruling by the High Court last week, in which RCA was ordered to pay 54.7 million NTD to only 24 of 246 plaintiffs. The ruling is likely to be appealed... Read More

Memorial Ceremonies Disrupted by Hong Kong Police Over Weekend

A number of incidents of police violence against demonstrators took place in Hong Kong over the weekend. This was inclusive of a series of arrests by police which took place on early morning Saturday, as well as police violence on Sunday against both attendees of memorials for deceased demonstrators and participants in a demonstration against a planned COVID-19 quarantine clinic. Attacks on pro-democracy city councilors also took place on Monday from pro-police and pro-Beijing groups... Read More