Arrest of Huawei Executive Results in Resumption of US-China Trade Tensions, Stock Market Crash

A surprise development in US-China trade relations has been the arrest of Huawei Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou in Canada. Meng is slated to be deported to the US on charges of violating sanctions, with allegations that Huawei sold goods to Iran in knowing violation of trade sanctions. Does this mean that the US-China trade war is back on? The results of the arrest were immediate, with the Dow Jones crashing 800 points in its fourth-largest drop in history... Read More

Marriage Equality Advocates Not Disheartened, Continue Canvassing Across Taiwan

Despite the unexpected results from the referendum last Saturday, pro-marriage equality groups have not backed down. Undeterred, Equal Rights Cuties, Marriage Equality Coalition Taiwan, and the Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights have continued to step up efforts to vocally and actively advocate with the public at all levels... Read More

NPP Defies Expectations With Sixteen City Council Seats, SDP Takes One Seat

In a day full of upsets, perhaps the most unremarked upon event was the surprise triumph of the NPP in securing sixteen city council seats and the SDP in securing one city council seat. Two of these candidates, the NPP’s Lin Ying-meng and the SDP’s Miao Poya make history as Taiwan’s first openly lesbian city councilors... Read More