Taipei mayor

Ko Is All but Certain to Run for President, but Ambiguity Plagues His Policy Proposals.

On March 20th, Taipei Ko Wen-je spoke at the Heritage Foundation in Washington DC to outline his experiences as Taipei mayor, emphasizing his status as an anti-establishment politician. Despite not having announced his intention to campaign for president in 2020 just yet, the content of Ko’s speech suggests that he indeed plans on running for president... Read More

Ko’s Position On Cross-Strait Relations Remains Ambiguous, But Suspicion Is Warranted

A recent article by Sunflower Movement student leader Lin Fei-Fan in The Diplomat has provoked strong reactions, with Lin raising questions about whether current Taipei mayor Ko Wen-Je has capitulated to China in terms of his position on cross-strait issues. While some claim that this is baseless, suspicion of Ko is warranted given Ko's increasing closeness to the pan-Blue camp in the years since he became Taipei mayor ... Read More

Internal Divisions In DPP And KMT Could Lead To Easy Victory For Ko In Taipei Mayoral Elections

Sharp divisions seem to be present in both the pan-Green and pan-Blue camp in the lead-up to 2018 Taipei mayoral elections. As a result, it seems increasingly likely that incumbent Ko Wen-Je, a political independent, may win simply on the basis of both the pan-Green and pan-Blue camps being too divided to present any challenge to him... Read More