August 2015


兩個月前,上海出現了大規模的群眾動員,有些報導宣稱,多達五萬人參與了反對興建化工廠的環境議題示威。西方媒體卻完全不曾報導,即使華文媒體的報導也很稀少,中國媒體幾乎不報導這個事件,台灣、香港等中國周邊華文國家及地區的媒體則多半試著從社群媒體或微博上蒐集資訊。既然中國在全球事務上可說是東亞最重要的國家,過去一星期的一連串示威抗議直到今天在西方世界仍然幾乎沒有報導,就很令人意外了。更奇怪的是,持續發展了一周之久的新聞事件竟然缺少媒體報導。... Read More

For Truly Democratic Education, Taiwanese Must Overthrow Capitalism!

Taiwanese conservatives, “Left” unificationists, and ultra-left sectarians, all happen to understand the non-stop stream of student movement as the DPP’s manipulation of nationalism, or its buying of the agitation of young students of Taiwan. This kind of short-sighted and limited analysis, only reflects the lack of understanding of how society changes, but also lacks a recognition of the political and economic reasons for the growing anti-government demonstrations.... Read More