Alec Stimac

Cutting the Flowers: Youth Activism in Myanmar

Imagine sitting at the front line of an anti-coup protest, facing riot police with nothing but the clothes on your back and the words that you shout. Imagine not knowing whether your state was heading into civil war or massacre. For a decade you thought democratic reform was the answer to your country’s flawed political system but now realize that insurrections and coups have easily dismantled and impoverished your home and its values. You are fighting for something that is hard to believe yet still hold onto hope and each other. It takes courage in the face of terror and fear...

Lessons from the Miaoli Lockdown: The Truth About Racism in the Asia Pacific

If level three advisory alert has shown us anything, it is that Taiwan has made clear its two-tier, bilateral approach to its foreign residents: one composed of lack of labor, discrimination, and equity protection. Notably, the majority of Miaoli’s Han residents were able to shop for groceries out and about while “second-tier” and “lesser” Southeast Asian migrant workers remained locked inside of their home quarantines after being blamed and scrutinized for the outbreak of COVID in the area...
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Alec Stimac

Alec Hunter Stimac is a current student and Belk Scholar at Davidson College studying and researching international affairs, foreign service, data science and government work, both political and business oriented, especially within East Asia and the Middle East. He is interested in exploring Taiwan’s political history and societal issues that are affecting the Asia Pacific region today, especially in relation to current situations and tensions between the United States and Asia.