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令人遺憾的暢銷作家林奕含自殺事件,以及那些因此爆發的一連串醜聞,揭露了台灣社會根深蒂固的性別歧視與厭女心態。她由於九年前遭受補習班老師性侵所引起的憂鬱症而自殺,但大部分的討論都劃錯重點,某些台灣媒體仍一貫地以羶色腥報導手法來處理女性相關議題,或是只知鎖定性侵林奕含的「狼師」而不顧其他,錯失聚焦於更大更迫切的社會議題的可能。那麼,該如何把討論重新導回有益於今後處理這些更大課題的方向?... Read More

Much Commentary On Lin Yi-Han’s Suicide Misses The Point

The scandal which has followed on the feet of bestselling author Lin Yi-Han’s suicide after a bout of depression resulting from her rape by a cram school teacher nine years ago has, unfortunately, in many cases been revealing of the depths of entrenched sexism and misogyny in much of Taiwanese society. But much commentary has still largely missed the point in how to address the larger social issues at stake... Read More

Author Suicide Prompts Public Outcry

The suicide of bestselling author Lin Yi-Han has provoked no shortage of editorializing and public discussion in Taiwan, seeing as Lin's suicide is attributed to depression over a sexual assault incident which occurred nine years ago in a cram school, the perpetrator being a teacher at the cram school. Lin’s bestselling novel, which was autobiographical in nature, detailed the incident... Read More

Anti-Gay Groups Attempt To Tap Into Anti-Drug Sentiment In Taiwan

The recent turn of groups previously protesting against marriage equality to demonstrating against drugs illustrates the reactionary underpinnings to their thought in attempting to depict gays as drug users. In this way, such groups are very likely hoping to tap into the sharply ingrained taboo against drugs in Taiwanese society... Read More