Social Movements

Hong Kong Police Headquarters Again Surrounded by Demonstrators Following Protest Ahead of G20

Demonstrations in Hong Kong against the extradition bill continue, with thousands demonstrating yesterday ahead of the G20 conference scheduled to take place in Osaka, Japan from June 28th to June 29th. At night, demonstrators again surrounded Hong Kong police headquarters in Wan Chai... Read More

Working the Land with Land Dyke

Weeding the rice paddy at 6 AM. Eating at a vegan cafe that showcases local art. And now, sitting in their bookstore that functions as a community space for queer student organizers. Throughout my days with Land Dyke, we moved between worlds that I once subconsciously viewed as separate, the result of a lifetime of being taught to view Taiwan one-dimensionally. Positioned at a complex intersection, Land Dyke embodies wholeness... Read More

Despite Two Million Participants in Yesterday’s March, Hong Kong Government Has Yet to Withdraw Extradition Bill

Yesterday's march against the Beijing-backed extradition bill pushed for by the Hong Kong government ended without major incident, with over two million residents of Hong Kong taking to the streets by the time of the demonstration’s end. But with the Hong Kong government not yet withdrawing the extradition bill, more protests are expected for today, inclusive of another call for a general strike... Read More

Over 1.4 Million Demonstrators Protest Hong Kong Government, Call for Full Withdrawal of Extradition Bill

Demonstrators marched through the streets of Hong Kong in the thousands once again today in order to protest against the Hong Kong government’s handling of a planned extradition treaty which would allow Hong Kong residents to be deported to China to face criminal charges. Organizers claim that over 1,400,000 demonstrators are present.... Read More