Social Movements

The RCA Labor Struggle And Its Legal Challenges: A Labor Case “Made In Taiwan”?

With an upcoming court ruling by Taiwan’s High Court regarding the historic RCA case, a landmark case in Taiwanese labor, it remains to be seen if the decades-long struggle of RCA workers for justice will soon come to an end. Either way, the case will be a historic one for Taiwanese labor, as well as for Taiwanese labor law... Read More


隨著川普(Donald Trump)當選總統之後,美國各地愈來愈多由白人優越論者(white supremacist)所引起的暴力事件。在這樣的現象中,台灣應該要從中獲得更多思考。今年 8 月 12 日(六),在美國維吉尼亞州的夏綠蒂鎮(Charlottesville)發生了一場衝突。這要從一尊過去南北戰爭時,南方邦聯政府(Confederate)的人物雕像講起,對反種族主義者(anti-racist)來說,這尊雕像象徵著美國過去奴隸和種族制度的可恥歷史,因此要求拆除,但白人優越論的一方卻要求保留。然而,在夏綠蒂鎮抗議的白人優越論者,卻槓上敵對的左派反種族主義者(left anti-racist)和反法西斯主義者(anti-fascist),當時一台車衝進反種族主義者的隊伍,最後導致 1 死 19 傷。... Read More

Similarities And Differences Between Catalonia And Taiwan

During past few years, the conflict between China and Taiwan has resonated more frequently than one would think in Catalan media, which has historically been ignorant of anything that occurs in Asia—except with regards to some news items about China. It is important to note that the attention given by Catalan media to this conflict is in part because of the more or less accurate perception that recent political developments related to the disputed international status of Taiwan are similar to what Catalonia has experienced in the past decade. The aim of this article is therefore to analyze the similarities and differences between the political projects of "independence" in Taiwan and Catalonia... Read More

Protests Mark Chinese National Day In Hong Kong On October 1st

Protests marked Chinese National Day in Hong Kong on October 1st earlier this week, with 40,000 taking to the streets in order to demonstrate the worsening condition for human rights and the deterioration of democratic freedoms in Hong Kong. Protests saw some clashes with police and pro-China groups, including the arrest of youth activists from Demosisto after being attacked by pro-China demonstrators. What comes next for Hong Kong, however, remains to be seen... Read More

Lessons For Taiwan From The Catalan And Kurdish Referendums?

In past days, youth activist and civil society groups in Taiwan have expressed support of Catalonia following the Spanish government’s use of brutal force to put down the Catalan independence referendum. This is not too surprising, seeing as youth activist groups in Taiwan see a sense of shared cause between the Catalan people’s struggle for self-determination and Taiwan’s own struggle for independence. Yet the outcome of not only the Catalan referendum, but also the recent Kurdish referendum in Iraq, offers lessons for Taiwan regarding its own aspirations towards using referendum to settle longstanding questions regarding Taiwanese independence... Read More