Social Movements

Hong Kong Government Suspends Extradition Bill, but Questions Remain About What Comes Next

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam announced the temporary suspension of efforts by the government to pass the extradition bill today, stating that the government would "pause and think" after public controversy. Although this may mark an end to immediate tensions in Hong Kong, it remains to be seen if the government will resume pushing for the bill at a later date... Read More

Protests Continue in Hong Kong, with Large-Scale Demonstration Called for Sunday

Protests continue in Hong Kong, with demonstrations continuing to take place Thursday and Friday. Splits are notably opening in the pro-Beijing camp, but it still remains to be seen as to whether the Hong Kong government and Beijing will back down, or instead decide that it is necessary to take harsh measures. A large-scale demonstration has been called for Sunday by the organizers of the demonstration last Sunday, which had over one million participants... Read More

After Police Suppression of Occupation, What Next for Efforts to Resist the Extradition Law?

The next steps for efforts to resist the extradition law in Hong Kong remain unclear after tonight. Despite the fact that an Umbrella Movement-style occupation formed in the early morning hours on Harcourt Road outside of LegCo, the aggressive police response has at least temporarily cut off the possibility of the movement against the extradition bill taking the form of an occupation. Likewise, the notion of a general strike that would make all of Hong Kong society ground to a halt did not succeed, because the strike was not wide enough... Read More

Is the Pro-Beijing Camp Delaying Voting on the Extradition Bill An Attempt at Political Distraction?

Hong Kong LegCo president Andrew Leung announced earlier this afternoon that voting on the proposed extradition bill will be delayed until Thursday of next week. It is possible that delaying the vote on the bill is an attempt to reduce the intensity of protests, as a smokescreen or distraction, or even as a feint for a push to rapidly pass the bill. On the other hand, it is possible that splits, or at least the appearance of splits, are appearing in the pro-Beijing camp... Read More

Plans for Protest Actions Coalesce Around Calls for a General Strike in Hong Kong Tomorrow

Plans for protest actions against the extradition bill in Hong Kong are coalescing around the notion of a general strike tomorrow, when the bill is scheduled to undergo its second reading in the Legislative Council (LegCo) and be voted upon. Bills which clear voting after the second reading in LegCo usually also undergo a third reading the same day, passing into law afterward... Read More

Quiet Day in Hong Kong Following Clashes, but Uncertainties Remain About What Is to Come

It was a quiet day in Hong Kong today after Sunday’s protests against the Beijing-backed extradition law ended with demonstrators being cleared from around the area by the Legislative Council. Much remains up in the air about what will take place in coming days regarding the extradition law, including that it remains ambiguous as to what form protest in the coming days against the bill will take, if this takes place at all ... Read More

Hong Kong Sees Night of Clashes Between Demonstrators and Police

A night of clashes with police ended with the streets controlled by police and demonstrators driven out in Hong Kong, following large-scale protests against a Beijing-backed extradition law. However, with the law set to be voted on by Hong Kong’s Legislative Council on Wednesday, it is hard to imagine that the coming days will not see further forms of action aimed at halting the bill... Read More