Social Movements

Violence Against Demonstrators by Police, Triad Members During Hong Kong General Strike

Scenes of disruption took place across Hong Kong today, with a general strike and eight rallies held at the same time across multiple districts of Hong Kong. Apart from the heavy use of tear gas by police during the day, nightfall saw the reemergence of triad members to attack demonstrators... Read More

Banqiao High School to Allow Male Students to Wear Skirts After Student Demonstration in May

The New Taipei Municipal Banqiao Senior High School announced earlier this month that starting from next year, both male and female students will be allowed greater say in their choice of uniforms. As such, male students will also be allowed to wear skirts as part of their uniforms if they so desire, whereas previously it was only female students that were allowed a choice of whether to wear skirts or pants... Read More

如何從獨裁走向民主? — — 從香港看非暴力抗爭對抗獨裁政權的可能性

自2014年雨傘革命的運動訴求被拒、宣布失敗以來,當跟朋友聊到香港,獲得的回應常是「敬佩但悲觀」 — — 既敬佩香港人展現之堅毅抵抗威權、守護民主自由的精神,但同時又覺得即使有這些抵抗,最終或許也無法抵擋中國共產黨的強勢壓制。... Read More

China Announces Ban on Individual Tours to Taiwan, Conducts Drills on Border with Hong Kong

Reports of unusual actions by the Chinese government aimed at affecting Hong Kong and Taiwan have emerged in the last day. First, the Chinese government announced that individual tours to Taiwan from 47 cities across China will come to a halt starting on August 1st. Second, reports have emerged of Chinese troops amassing on the border between Hong Kong and China, leading to fears that this could be an early sign of a PLA crackdown on Hong Kong. A report by the SCMP later stated that these were police by 190,000 Chinese police officers to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, not military drills, but the development has raised fears nonetheless... Read More

Protests Erupt Outside of Hong Kong Police Stations in Response to Sunday’s Arrests

Clashes between demonstrators and police took place outside of police stations in Kwai Chung, Sai Wan Ho, and Tin Shui Wai in Hong Kong last night, with demonstrators protesting the arrest of dozens of demonstrators the preceding night. The demonstrations were not called for in advance yet took place at the same time in three separate locations in Hong Kong, a sign of the escalating situation in the wake of four consecutive days of protest... Read More

After Three Days of Protests, Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office Holds Press Conference

Protests again took place in Hong Kong on Sunday, with thousands attending a march from to Chater Garden to the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Park in Sheung Wan. The march took place as the third day of a series of consecutive demonstrations in Hong Kong, following last Friday’s demonstration in Hong Kong International Airport and Saturday’s demonstration in Yuen Long... Read More