Social Movements

Memorial Ceremonies Disrupted by Hong Kong Police Over Weekend

A number of incidents of police violence against demonstrators took place in Hong Kong over the weekend. This was inclusive of a series of arrests by police which took place on early morning Saturday, as well as police violence on Sunday against both attendees of memorials for deceased demonstrators and participants in a demonstration against a planned COVID-19 quarantine clinic. Attacks on pro-democracy city councilors also took place on Monday from pro-police and pro-Beijing groups... Read More

61st Anniversary of Tibetan Uprising Day Commemorated on Sunday

The annual commemoration of Tibetan Uprising Day took place on Sunday in Taipei, taking place two days ahead of the actual anniversary of Tibetan Uprising Day today. As in past years, the demonstration began in front of the Sogo department store located by the Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT station and proceeded through the city to Taipei 101... Read More


雖然充滿風險,仍有許多寮國人留在寮國境內,爭取自由、人權以及參與環境運動。其中最知名的人物是三十歲女性何蔚宏·剎雅柏里(Houayheuang Xayabouly),或被稱為莫伊(Muay)。她在社群網站上擁有極高聲量,卻在 2019 年 9 月因為發佈一則批評政府處理水壩潰堤導致的水災反應遲緩的影片而遭到逮捕。... Read More

Clashes in Hong Kong On Six Month Anniversary of Prince Edward MTR Clearance

Protests broke out in Hong Kong over the weekend, with clashes erupting between police and demonstrators on Saturday, February 29th in Mong Kok. Demonstrators were commemorating the six month anniversary of the police clearance operation that took place in the Prince Edward MTR station on August 31st... Read More