Radio New Bloom #2: Interview With Chanda Prescod-Weinstein

New Bloom presents the second installment of our podcast, Radio New Bloom! Our interview guest for this installment is Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, who wrote "Black Lives Matter, Taiwan’s ‘228 Incident,’ and the Transnational Struggle For Liberation" in the Black Youth Project, reflecting on the parallels between Taiwan's 228 Incident and the policing of black populations in the United States

第十六集 / Issue #16

Our first issue of New Bloom for the new year will focus on two topics! The first topic will be the election of Donald Trump to president of the United States and the second topic will be what next for the marriage equality movement in Taiwan / 今年第一期的破土將聚焦在兩大主題上:第一是川普當選美國總統,第二則是台灣婚姻平權的下一步何去何從?


本文運用台灣國家安全調查報告(美國杜克大學政治系牛銘實教授主持)和政治大學選舉研究中心的長期調查資料,來描述台灣人是怎麼看待兩岸關係的現狀。本文的英文原版投稿至華盛頓郵報的Monkey Cage專欄,標題為:The Taiwanese see themselves as Taiwanese, not as Chinese。原本的目的是想要表達台灣人眼中的現狀是什麼,以及論述:其實現狀絕非靜止不動的,尤其,跟四十年前一中政策剛形成的時候相比,世界早已不同了!

第十五集 / Issue #15

New Bloom’s next issue will focus on recent Taiwanese labor demonstrations, regarding demonstrations over the issues of “one flexible rest day” and one set day off and against planned cuts by the Tsai administration to public holidays / 下一期破土將聚焦於最近的台灣勞工抗爭,探討針對『一例一休』問題,以及蔡英文政府計畫刪除國定假日所引發的抗爭

After Tsai’s Apology To Indigenous Peoples in Taiwan, What Now?

Many people will say, Tsai Ing-Wen is so great, she even will come meet us face-to-face to apologize. But now, in the present, we have to confront that her apology on Ketagalan Boulevard. No matter whether we view this apology as sympathetic, humble, historical in nature, or simply a staged performance, putting aside these descriptions, this apology, what does this do for indigenous rights in reality?



第十四集 / Issue #14

Going forward after the historic China Airlines strike, the next issue of New Bloom will look at the relation of youth activism and labor in Taiwan / 在歷史性的華航罷工之後,破土這個月的主題將會探討台灣青年的社會運動與勞工之間的關係