FOR THE TWENTY-SECOND episode of Radio New Bloom, we are proud to partner with the North American Taiwan Studies Association (NATSA) to co-release an episode featuring a moderated conversation between Professors Wen Liu and Wendy Cheng on “Taiwan and the (New) Cold War.”

This episode is a recording of the first event of NATSA’s 2022 Online Festival, which New Bloom collaborated on and which took place on the evening of July 22, 2022 US time. The event, moderated by Daniel Yo-Ling, explored how we can critically engage with the recent propagation of New Cold War discourses while at the same time bearing in mind the lasting legacy of the Cold War on Taiwan’s history and present. Both of our invited speakers approached this topic by sharing about their current research and book manuscripts. Professor Cheng shared about the lives and radical politics of Taiwanese migrants to the United States from the 1960s to 1980s, such as Lin Shiaw-shin (林孝信), Kao Cheng-yan (高成炎), and Chen Wen-Chen (陳文成); while Professor Liu shared about tankism and Asian American political formation, civil defense training in Taiwan in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the reductionism of Cold war binarism.

Radio New Bloom is a podcast covering topical events and interviewing activists, artists, public intellectuals, and others, in order to connect Taiwan and the international world. As always, we’d like to thank LTK Commune for allowing us to use their song “Good Night, Taiwan” as part of the podcast!

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