FOR THE NINETEENTH episode of Radio New Bloom, we feature an interview with Coen Blaauw, a Dutch lawyer and Senior Policy Advisor to the Formosan Association for Public Affairs (FAPA), a US non-profit promoting Taiwan’s right to self-determination. He joined FAPA in 1989 and has since become a central figure in the Taiwan independence movement in the United States. He specializes in connecting with members of the US Congress, drafting Taiwan-related legislation, and recruiting support for these legislations.

Having worked with leading figures of the Taiwan democracy and independence movements and once blacklisted by the KMT, Coen has witnessed both Taiwan’s democratization and the development of its independence movement. He is married to Iris Yenching Ho, a Taiwanese native, and is thus a proud “Tâi-uân kiánn-sài (Taiwan son-in-law),” a nickname given to him by fellow independence activists.

Radio New Bloom is a podcast covering topical events and interviewing activists, artists, public intellectuals, and others, in order to connect Taiwan and the international world. As always, we’d like to thank LTK Commune for allowing us to use their song “Good Night, Taiwan” as part of the podcast!

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