transitional justice in Taiwan

73rd Anniversary of the 228 Massacre Should Remind of Taiwan’s Incomplete Democratic Transition

On the 73rd anniversary of the 228 Massacre, what should be remembered is to what extent the crimes of the White Terror have not been accounted for in Taiwan. More broadly speaking, this points toward the long path to be walked for transitional justice in Taiwan, as well as how Taiwan’s incomplete democratic transition is a result of the continued existence of the KMT... Read More

Anger After KMT Disrupts Transitional Justice Commission Meeting

Anger has broken out after the KMT disrupted a meeting of the Judiciary and Organic Laws and Statutes Committee confirming the budget of the Transitional Justice Commission and its plans for the upcoming year. A picture of KMT members knocking over a table and looking as though they intended to attack Yang Tsui, the chair of the commission and a family member of a White Terror victim, subsequently went viral on the Internet, further stoking outrage... Read More

Scandal Breaks Out Regarding Transitional Justice Efforts And Hou You-Yi

Efforts to pursue transitional justice under the Tsai administration have met with scandal over comments made during a meeting by Chang Tien-chin, the deputy chair of the Transitional Justice Commission understood as a proposal to manipulate public opinion to benefit the DPP in upcoming 2018 local elections later this year. The ensuing backlash led to Chang's resignation. It remains to be seen how efforts to pursue transitional justice under the Tsai administration will be affected by the scandal... Read More