Wave Of Murders In Past Month Has Its Roots In Toxic Masculinity In Taiwanese Society

A series of murders that took place in the last month have become hotly discussed in Taiwanese society. In deeper examination, one observes that these cases were all committed by men against women, and that these men usually justified their actions on similar grounds. These murder cases, then, ultimately have their roots in toxic masculinity and the normalization of male violence against women in Taiwanese society... Read More

LGBTQ Groups Hold Rally As Start Of Campaign Against Anti-Marriage Equality Referendum

A demonstration was held by LGBTQ groups this morning to demonstrate the Central Election Commission passing a referendum pushed for by anti-gay groups. The referendum seeks to overturn a judicial ruling in favor of the legalization of marriage equality in Taiwan by the Council of Grand Justices last year. In particular, the demonstration serves as the start of what will necessarily be a longer campaign by LGBTQ groups... Read More

Referendum Against Gay Marriage Reaches Necessary Threshold

With the Central Election Commission announcing that a referendum against same-sex marriage pushed for by anti-gay groups has passed the necessary threshold for a referendum to be held, shock and anger has broken out in Taiwan. However, in itself, it may not be too surprising that anti-gay groups were able to achieve reaching this referendum... Read More

Ultra-Left Or Neoconservative? The Paradoxical Politics Of Coolloud

Coolloud has declared itself to be one of the most dedicated, independently funded leftist media in Taiwan. Traditionally, they have reported on social movements and protests that were seldom covered by the mainstream press. However, with the rise of independent media in the recent years, the political direction of Coolloud has increasingly become a position of opposition against the so-called “mainstream” social movements in Taiwan instead of right-wing forces or the state... Read More


苦勞網一向自詡為台灣最盡心盡力,且獨立募資的左翼媒體之一。他們傳統上都會報導在主流媒體幾乎得不到版面的社會運動和抗爭。然而,隨著近年來獨立媒體的興起,苦勞網的政治走向越來越趨近於一種反對台灣社會運動的所謂「主流」,而非反對右翼勢力的立場。... Read More