Anti-Gay Groups Attempt To Tap Into Anti-Drug Sentiment In Taiwan

The recent turn of groups previously protesting against marriage equality to demonstrating against drugs illustrates the reactionary underpinnings to their thought in attempting to depict gays as drug users. In this way, such groups are very likely hoping to tap into the sharply ingrained taboo against drugs in Taiwanese society... Read More

Comments By Chiu Tai-San On Gay Marriage Provoke Outrage As Judicial Yuan Hearing Held

A hearing by the Constitutional Court of the Judicial Yuan on the subject of gay marriage earlier today has provoked anger among marriage equality advocates after comments by Minister of Justice Chiu Tai-San arguing against marriage equality during the hearing. The outcome of the hearing remains forthcoming, but could potentially legalize marriage equality in Taiwan... Read More

Tens Of Thousands Demonstrate For And Against Marriage Equality In Taipei

Mass demonstrations by both pro-marriage equality and anti-marriage equality protestors took place outside the Legislative Yuan today, while the end result of a meeting by the Judiciary and Organic Laws and Statutes Committee within the Legislative Yuan was a marriage equality bill being sent to the legislative floor... Read More