FOR THE EIGHTEENTH episode of Radio New Bloom, we present the recording from the discussion and Q-and-A that followed our event last month screening New Bloom member SueAnn Shiah’s documentary HuanDao at our space in Wanhua, Taipei, and was conducted in both English and Mandarin.

The film follows the story of two young women embarking on a two-week bicycle trip (known as huandao) through the country of Taiwan. One is Taiwanese American, and her return to the island explores her relationship with her family, her bicultural identity, and her greater understanding of self, home, and belonging.

Radio New Bloom is a podcast covering topical events and interviewing activists, artists, public intellectuals, and others, in order to connect Taiwan and the international world. As always, we’d like to thank LTK Commune for allowing us to use their song “Good Night, Taiwan” as part of the podcast!

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