Ching Fu Scandal Has Far-Reaching Implications For Ma Administration Officials

Questions of corruption at Taiwan’s highest levels of government under the Ma administration have been raised with regards to the Ching Fu loan scandal, in which a 35.8 billion NTD contract was awarded to the Ching Fu Corporation to construct six minesweepers for the navy, as well as provided with a 20.5 billion NTD syndicated loan. However, it was announced last week that Ching Fu had defaulted upon its loan and that Ching Fu would be unable to complete the minesweeper contract, raising suspicions regarding why the contract and loan were given to Ching Fu to begin with... Read More

Ultra-Left Or Neoconservative? The Paradoxical Politics Of Coolloud

Coolloud has declared itself to be one of the most dedicated, independently funded leftist media in Taiwan. Traditionally, they have reported on social movements and protests that were seldom covered by the mainstream press. However, with the rise of independent media in the recent years, the political direction of Coolloud has increasingly become a position of opposition against the so-called “mainstream” social movements in Taiwan instead of right-wing forces or the state... Read More

CCP’s Renewed Emphasis On Marxism After 19th National Congress Means Nothing

Renewed emphasis on Marxism after China’s 19th National Congress is not too surprising, seeing as China has never fully distanced itself from its purported claims to embrace Marxism as an ideology. Nevertheless, despite the fact that China may claim to be Marxist, China has long since embraced a free market economy while clinging to Marxism as a justification for a high degree of state involvement in the economy and the primacy of the state over political affairs... Read More

Will The Foreign Talent Law Better Conditions For Foreigners In Taiwan?

Despite the large shifts brought about by the passing of the Act Governing Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professionals by the Legislative Yuan at present, it seems unlikely that long-term issues concerning Taiwan’s ability to attract and retain foreign or local talent will be resolved or that this will address many of the long-term issues facing foreigners in Taiwan... Read More

Cheng Release Is A Victory, But Points To Continued Need For Judicial Reform

The release of former death row inmate Cheng Hsing-Tse should be celebrated as a victory for the legal advocates and activists that have fought for his release for decades. However, what the case continues to raise is how dystopian the Taiwanese legal system can be at times, seeing as Cheng served ten years on death row and was imprisoned for a total of 14 years on inconclusive evidence... Read More