Has the KMT Appropriated the Referendum as an Electoral Stratagem?

Demonstrations organized by the KMT on Sunday last week in Taipei prove ironic in several respects. The demonstration was against recent changes to the Referendum Act pushed into law by the DPP which will split which day that referendums are held on from the day that political elections take place, and make it so that referendums can only be held every two years... Read More

KMT Presidential Primary Debates Revealing of Party’s Current Political Consensus

Three KMT presidential primary debates have been held in the past two months. Three sessions were held, each lasting two hours, in order to have one debate held in northern Taiwan, one in central Taiwan, and one in southern Taiwan. The first debate was held on June 25th in Kaohsiung, the second debate on June 29th in Taichung, and the last debate held on July 3rd in Taipei... Read More

Over 200,000 Demonstrate Against Extradition Bill Outside of West Kowloon Station

Hundreds of thousands demonstrated outside of the West Kowloon rail station today, the first major demonstration of protests against the extradition bill to take place on the Kowloon side of Hong Kong harbor. The protest had the unusual focus of attempting to outreach to Chinese nationals. Following what is now a familiar pattern, after nightfall, clashes with police broke out ... Read More