After Jane Lee Scandal, Plagiarism Accusations Slung Between Pan-Green and Pan-Blue Camps

Following allegations that KMT Kaohsiung mayoral by-election candidate Jane Lee, also known as Li Mei-jhen, plagiarized 96% of her master’s thesis, an unusual political spat has broken out between the pan-Blue and pan-Green camps. Members of the pan-Blue and pan-Green camps are now slinging allegations of plagiarism against members of the other political camp... Read More

Institution of Lay Judge System Not Likely to Satisfy Advocates of Judicial Reform

Judicial reform proponents came into conflict with the Tsai administration over its plans to introduce a lay judge system in Taiwan, rather than a jury trial system, earlier this month. However, the results of a vote by the Legislative Yuan earlier this week resulted in the implementation of a lay judge system, rather than a jury system... Read More

In DPP Congress, Tsai Emphasizes Constitutional Reform, Winning Kaohsiung By-Election

President Tsai Ing-wen signaled a renewed focus on constitutional reform for her second term earlier this week in public comments at the DPP’s national congress. Tsai gave these comments in her capacity as chair of the DPP. Likewise, Tsai emphasized that the next major electoral task ahead of the DPP was winning the Kaohsiung by-election, which she phrased as “restoring the glory of Kaohsiung”... Read More

The Friendship Challenge for Xi Jinping’s China

Today, Xi Jinping, in his eighth year as China’s president and seeking to expand his government’s global influence, has loaded all discussions on friendship with Beijing with complicated conditions and fine print. This can be observed in China's recent border clashes with India, as well as with regards to the new national security law passed in Hong Kong... Read More