Withdrawal of the Extradition Bill in Hong Kong Is Likely Too Little, Too Late to Put an End to Protests

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam announced the withdrawal of the extradition bill earlier today in what appears to be a move aimed at placating protesters and deescalating the situation in Hong Kong. However, with Lam still refusing to accept the protesters' other five key demands, withdrawing the extradition bill is likely too little, too late at this juncture to put an end to protests in Hong Kong... Read More

Whether in Hong Kong or Taiwan, the Behavior of Political Elites Proves Unsurprising

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam has become an increasingly contested presence as demonstrations in Hong Kong continue, with Lam refusing to compromise on any of the political demands called for by demonstrators. However, particularly in comparison with KMT political elites in Taiwan, Lam's behavior to date should not be surprising... Read More

Challenges Remain to Uncovering the Truth Behind White Terror Incidents

The long path for transitional justice to be achieved in Taiwan is evident in the challenges faced by efforts to bring the truth of major incidents during the White Terror to light. President Tsai Ing-wen vowed to do so in July through declassifying the files of the National Security Bureau and other institutions of the ROC state that carried out political persecutions on behalf of the KMT during the authoritarian period... Read More

Police Violence on Hong Kong MTR Provokes Outrage After Friday’s Wave of Arrests

Police violence again took place in Hong Kong yesterday after a wave of arrests targeting key protest figures on Friday. Particularly shocking have been images of police attacking demonstrators in an MTR car and attacking demonstrators on subway platforms, with the injured including small children. Tear gas canisters were fired directly in an MTR carriage by the Prince Edward station, something that could be potentially fatal, and a step up from a previous incident earlier this month in which tear gas being fired in an MTR station provoked outrage... Read More