KMT Manipulation of the Media Visible in Hualien County Commissioner Scandal

Much attention as of late has been focused on Chinese efforts to influence Taiwanese media through either directly channeling funds into Taiwanese media outlets or spreading disinformation. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the KMT had long conducted such manipulation of the media in Taiwan, well before the Internet age, by drawing on traditional clientelist networks. This is visible in unresolved scandals in Hualien regarding former county commissioner Fu Kun-chi... Read More

Discursive Struggle Breaks out Between Democracy Activists and Hong Kong Government on Framing of LegCo Invasion

What should be self-apparent is that in the aftermath of the brief occupation of LegCo in Hong Kong Monday, a discursive battle is currently being fought between pro-democracy activists and government officials regarding the framing of the occupation attempt. Hong Kong government officials have, unsurprisingly, attempted to depict activists as a violent and irrational mob. On the other hand, pro-democracy activists have pointed to the fact that demonstrators were pushed into taking an extreme form of action because of the refusal of the government to back down, that demonstrators were not violent, and that there is no comparing the physical violence used against peaceful demonstrators by riot police to property damage within LegCo... Read More

Brief Occupation of LegCo Takes Place in Hong Kong, Prompting Some Comparisons to the Sunflower Movement

Demonstrations in Hong Kong against the extradition bill and commemorating the 1997 handover of Hong Kong from British control to Chinese control saw an unexpected turn earlier tonight with the brief occupation of Hong Kong’s Legislative Council for several hours, before protesters eventually withdrew from the building... Read More

Protests in Hong Kong on Handover Anniversary See Clashes with Police, Attempts to Break into LegCo

Protests have erupted in Hong Kong again, with demonstrations today commemorating the July 1st anniversary of the 1997 Handover of Hong Kong from British control to Chinese control. Most widely reported on have been attempts by demonstrators to break into Hong Kong’s Legislative Council, resulting in clashes with police... Read More