by Brian Hioe

Photo Credit: Brian Hioe

THE FIFTH ANNUAL Trans March took place in Taipei today. The march is estimated to have drawn 5,000 attendees.

As with last year’s Trans March, the location was in front of the Red House in the LGBTQIA-friendly district of Ximen, near the row of gay bars in front of Red House. Before the start of the march, a stage was set up for speeches and performances, starting at 6:30 PM. Among the performers were Feilibing, LittleLove, and Pisco.

Photo credit: Brian Hioe

In comments, speakers highlighted the need for trans visibility, in order to normalize trans representation in society. As such, speakers called on members of the public to take photos of the proceedings and post on social media, to make sure that people saw images and video of the march as widely as possible. Otherwise, speakers cited how representation could stand to affect young trans people’s views of themselves.

Photo credit: Brian Hioe

A number of civil society organizations were represented at the march. This included the Taiwan International Workers’ Association, Amnesty International Taiwan, Obasan Alliance, and others. Political parties such as the Green Party Taiwan, New Power Party, and others were also present. Otherwise, LGBQTIA+ civil societies ranging from the Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights, Taiwan Tongzhi Hotline, and Taiwan Nonbinary Queer Sluts were also presented.

This was, however, the first year that there were corporate sponsors for the event. As such, stalls were set up in front of Red House for companies ranging from Gilead to Tenga and Paradise Pet, as well as nightlife establishments such as Ganymede.

Photo credit: Brian Hioe

The march began closer to 7:30 PM given delays from the speaker truck leading the march. At 7:30 PM, a trans flag banner was unfurled and brought out. The march moved east along Changsha Street, turned left on Kunming Street, moved north along Hankou Street, then turned east again, moved up north on Neijiang Street, and returned to the Red House.

The Trans March takes place ahead of the annual Pride Parade, which will take place tomorrow starting at 2 PM. The Pride Parade is expected to be significantly larger, but the Trans March has grown in past years, particularly after the end of COVID-19.

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