Taiwan Travel Act

What Are The Takeaways From Tsai’s US Visit?

A recent visit by Taiwanese president to America has received much attention, with this being seen as a sign of stronger ties between Taiwan and America in the wake of the passage of the Taiwan Travel Act. However, first, the visit represents incremental change far more than it does a substantial break from previous American policy towards Taiwan, and second, one actually observes increased wariness of the Trump administration from the Tsai administration in the course of the visit... Read More

Misunderstandings Abound Regarding Taiwan Travel Act

The passage of the Taiwan Travel Act has been hailed as a triumph by pro-Taiwan groups in the US as representing a step forward in advancing US-Taiwan relations. On the other hand, media coverage of the passage of the Taiwan Travel Act by western media has oftentimes acted as though the move is dangerously provocative of China. Both polarized positions may miss part of the point... Read More