Each month, New Bloom will feature several topics of consideration and solicit articles accordingly. October’s topics are:

  • Hong Kong’s Umbrella Revolution
  • LGBTQ Movement in Taiwan and Beyond
  • The Anti-Nuclear Issue in the Asia Pacific
  • 10/1 and 10/10: Taiwan and China in History


  • 香港雨傘革命
  • LGBTQ運動在台灣
  • 亞太地區的反核議題
  • 十一與雙十,台灣與中國的歷史

If you would be interested in submitting articles considering any of these topics, drop us a line at [email protected]. Please consult our Submissions Policy, but we would broadly welcome any unsolicited submissions.

有意針對任何一個主題撰稿的朋友,請將來函寄到[email protected]信箱,並詳閱本刊的投稿原則。但我們歡迎一切主動提供的稿件。

We will continue to cover up-to-date news through the Daily Bloom and through commentary pieces, but our focus from henceforth will be covering news of Taiwan and more broadly the Asia Pacific region from Left political perspectives. For more information on our viewpoints, please take a look at our revised Statement of Purpose. Our mission remains the same, but we see the need for a platform to introduce explicitly Left viewpoints in regards to discourse in Taiwan and the Asia Pacific. That is what we seek to provide.



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