Jay Chen

Tsai Administration’s Actions in Dispute with Indonesian Government Over Broker Fees Are Disgraceful

The Taiwanese Ministry of Labor has condemned the Indonesian government for seeking to abolish broker fees, claiming that the Indonesian government was acting unilaterally in doing so, and seeking to displace costs onto Taiwanese consumers. This, however, is an incident in which the Ministry of Labor has sought to defend exploitative practices by brokers under the current broker system for migrant workers...

Trump Has Made Hypocrites of Chinese Dissidents and Human Rights Activists

The CCP’s belligerent behavior at home and abroad has brought together adversaries of different ideologies, making for some rather odd bedfellows. The striking difference between the values of former Chinese dissidents and which pro-democracy Hong Kong media seem to champion could not be more contradictory with those of Donald Trump, whom they appear to paint as their last, best hope in defeating the CCP...
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Jay Chen

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