Indigenous Demonstrate For Return Of Traditional Lands

This afternoon saw a demonstration and the performance of traditional dances by Taiwanese indigenous and their allies on Ketagalan Boulevard, in front of the Presidential Office Building. The issue at hand was backsliding by the Tsai administration on vows to restore traditional indigenous territories, something which was promised by the Tsai administration as part of its historic apology to indigenous on behalf of the ROC government in August of last year... Read More


從 2014 年十一月起,紐約華裔警察 Peter Liang (梁彼得)槍殺非裔 Akai Gurley 的事件,與 Ferguson 在美國鬧成的軒然大波,分裂了美國的亞裔社群。在美國主流媒體報導中,Liang-Gurley 的事件被視為整個 Black Lives Matter 運動中的一個小插曲,差別只在於 Peter Liang 成為第一位因射殺未持有槍械且未犯法的非裔人士而被法律懲處的警察,至於其他白人警察,比如發生於 Liang-Gurley 事件之前的兩起:勒斃 Eric Garner 的 Dan Pantaleo 與射殺 Mike Brown 的 Darren Wilson,都未被大陪審團要求起訴。... Read More