Bonny Ling

Taiwan, Be on the Right Side of History When It Comes to Labor Migration

A few months before the presidential elections, I gave a talk in Taipei on the responsible recruitment of migrant workers, where they do not bear the cost of their job recruitment and begin their employment saddled by debt. Afterwards, a participant came up to ask me which presidential candidate I thought would stand the best chance to reform Taiwan’s labour recruitment system towards the Employers Pays Principle, where the costs of recruitment are borne by the employers...

Floating Hells: Forced Labor of Migrant Workers on Taiwan’s Fishing Vessels

Efforts by the European Union, specifically under its illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing regulations in 2015, have brought a sharp focus on the employment conditions on Taiwanese fishing vessels and the climate of illegality that enables unsustainable fishing and labor abuses. This has shone a harsh light on the labor exploitation of migrants working on fishing vessels with a connection to Taiwan...
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Bonny Ling

Dr. Bonny Ling (凌怡華) is an Advisory Board Member of Human Rights at Sea, an international NGO that raises awareness of human rights abuses in the maritime sector and delivers social justice through legal and policy development; and a Research Fellow with the business think-tank, Institute for Human Rights and Business. Previously at the Centre for Human Rights Studies, University of Zurich in Switzerland from 2014-2019, she is an independent researcher affiliated with the Cambridge Centre for Applied Research in Human Trafficking for her work and research on human trafficking. She has worked in the UN system and in international civil society. She holds a Ph.D in Law from the Irish Centre for Human Rights, M.Phil (Cantab) in Criminology and MA in Law and Diplomacy from the Fletcher School, Tufts University. She also consults as a legal analyst on responsible business conduct with a focus on Asia; and has served as an international election observer in East Timor and for the OSCE. She writes on human rights, migrants, business responsibilities and international relations and development ([email protected] or @bonny_ling).