What Will the Prospects for Post-Sunflower Movement Youth Politics Be After the 2020 Elections?

In tracking political developments in the five years since the Sunflower Movement, one has observed a number of unexpected developments in the past year. First, one has seen increasingly large internal splits among the Third Force, and the sudden and unexpected resurgence of the KMT, which led to the consolidation of the pan-Green camp within the DPP... Read More

Han and the KMT Face a Wave of Last-Minute Scandals

There is an observable pattern of last-minute scandals breaking the news shortly before elections are set to take place in Taiwan. This seems to have been the case in the last 72 hours, with a number of scandals about the KMT that have suddenly erupted out in the open, as well as, to a lesser extent, the TPP. Most scandals are relatively minor, with the exception of explosive allegations against Alex Tsai of the KMT, which could potentially have a strong impact on elections tomorrow... Read More