In collaboration with 音地大帝 Indie DaaDee and 知日台灣・讀書青年 , New Bloom Magazine will be live streaming updates 2016 elections on the night of January 16th! We will begin at 5 PM, Taiwan time. We will cover presidential elections and local elections, discuss this year’s key issues, be interviewing individuals on-site, and discuss the new political parties which have emerged this year. We will be broadcasting until Eric Chu goes back being mayor of New Taipei City!

The livestream will also be done in both Japanese and English. For information about the Japanese livestream, please check here.

Hosts will include Brian Hioe, Yeh Jiunn Tyng, Minmin, and Kevin Wang.

The URL for all of the livestream will be here.
You can also find the English livestream on Youtube here.

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當天破土將會由Brian Hioe, Yeh Jiunn Tyng, Minmin, and Kevin Wang負責播報,直播的網址請見:



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