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Taiwan News Publishes COVID-19 Misinformation as Epidemic Spreads

In the midst of the Coronavirus epidemic, publishing unsubstantiated rumors and misinformation poisons the well of public discourse, and performs a disservice to society. Perhaps the most egregious example of this in domestic English-language media is Taiwan News, an online media platform owned by Luis Ko, the CEO of I-Mei Foods, a major Taiwanese brand. Taiwan News recently published a number of articles making extraordinary claims about the COVID-19 outbreak in China. Two articles in particular deserve additional scrutiny; both were written by Keoni Everington, whose bylines list him as either “editor” or “staff writer” ... Read More

Murder Of Canadian English Teacher Has Been Sensationalized By Irresponsible Reporting

Panic about the murder of Canadian English teacher Ramgahan Sanjay Ryan has been amplified by sensationalist news reporting from media outlets. In particular, one news outlet, Taiwan News, has seized upon the case to drive up hits, as it is probably the main source of information about the case among expats that cannot read Chinese-language news sources in Taiwan. We might take a look... Read More