Pan-Blue Camp

Violent Attacks On Journalists, Police By Anti-Pension Reform Demonstrators

Anger broken out in Taiwanese society after physical violence by pan-Blue demonstrators protesting against pension reform yesterday. What has been shocking and angering has been the use of physical violence by anti-pension demonstrators, particularly against journalists and the police. This led to fourteen journalists and 84 police officers being injured, including the beating of journalists and destruction of their equipment, attacks on media vans, and disruptions to the National Taiwan University Children's Hospital by anti-pension demonstrators... Read More

Charges Facing Ma Ying-Jeou Complicated By New Party Scandal

Former president Ma Ying-Jeou of the KMT, who saw the eruption of the Sunflower Movement against his policies aimed at directing the unification of Taiwan and China under his term, continues to come under fire for actions that took place during his presidency. In particular, Ma is currently facing lawsuits regarding the underselling of former state-owned enterprises and former KMT party assets. But this has been complicated by the recent scandal regarding the detention of high-profile New Party members... Read More