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Utopia to Dystopia?: On The Failure of Solidarity Among Taiwanese Artists After the Huashan Tragedy

Conservative social reactions to the Huashan murder case have continued, with further attempts to pin blame on the residents of the 120 Grassroots Self-Autonomous Zone artistic community by the media and society. As with before, much outrage has been centered on PTT, which has hardly proven to be a progressive social force in this case, and instead an enforcer of a highly conservative social morality. On the other hand, we might note that members of Taiwan’s artistic community have in many cases proven little better, with greater emphasis on pointing fingers, and apportioning blame than rallying together in solidarity... Read More

After Huashan Murder, Attempts To Scapegoat Creatives On PTT And In Taiwanese Media

The conservatism of Taiwanese social morality can be observed in reactions to a recent murder case that occurred in the 120 Grassroots Self-Autonomous Zone, involving the dismemberment of a 30-year-old woman surnamed Gao by a 37-year-old archery teacher surnamed Chen. What is visible through such reactions are attempts to displace blame onto a small group of young people while avoiding addressing deep-rooted problems of toxic masculinity in Taiwanese society. Much reactions have been centered on the Internet, particularly through PTT, including doxxing, harassment, and the posting online of personal information of Grassroots organizers by way of the "human flesh search engine"... Read More

Wave Of Murders In Past Month Has Its Roots In Toxic Masculinity In Taiwanese Society

A series of murders that took place in the last month have become hotly discussed in Taiwanese society. In deeper examination, one observes that these cases were all committed by men against women, and that these men usually justified their actions on similar grounds. These murder cases, then, ultimately have their roots in toxic masculinity and the normalization of male violence against women in Taiwanese society... Read More