Daniel A. Bell

The Chinese New Left: Anti-Capitalist Within China, Imperialist Outside of China?

If the New Left’s nationalism trumps Leftism, it is because of the New Left’s view that the China model, however flawed, is still superior to the West. It is such that the New Left suggests that the China model can and should be exported outside of China, hence where they become apologists for Chinese imperialism... Read More


要是新左派的民族主義壓倒了左派思想,這同樣是由於新左派認為中國模式再怎麼不足還是比西方優越的心態所致。正是這樣的心態使得新左派認為中國模式能夠、並且應當向中國境外輸出,他們也自此成為中國帝國主義的辯護者。... Read More