New Bloom’s ‘Project E’ to cover 2016 elections begins! Apart from offering breaking news and in-depth commentary, we are planning several events to be held in Taipei as well as streamed online in the next month.

If you have the passion to cover the election with us, don’t hesitate to e-mail [email protected] or message us on Facebook!

破土在2016選舉專題”Project E”即將開始! 除了有即時新聞、深度的評論分析之餘,我們也即將在台北舉辦相關活動,例如直播現場節目等等。

如果你和我們一樣,對選舉專題有熱情、有書寫文字的慾望,或是設計平面、設計網站的專才,歡迎寄信到我們的信箱:[email protected] ,或是直接在臉書上私訊我們都可以喔!期待大家的加入!

Calligraphy: 陳令洋

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