Xi-Ma Summit

‘Open Data = Transparency?’: Ma’s Ludicrous Statement on Open Data

Recently, President Ma Ying-jeou has made a number of erroneous statements about open data, claiming that Taiwan’s number-one ranking on the Open Knowledge Foundation’s open data index is proof of his administration’s overall transparency. In response, Billy Lin, a prominent member of the civic-tech community “g0v” wrote an editorial response to Taiwan’s Apple Daily editorial board... Read More

From the KMT’s ’1992 Consensus’ to the DPP’s ’Spirit of the 1992 Consensus’?

Recent comments by current DPP general-secretary Joseph Wu recently stirred waves. Wu stated the incoming DPP government under Tsai Ing-Wen will preserve the spirit of cooperation of the 1992 Consensus. What is surprising about Wu’s comments is that the DPP has in the past never acknowledged the existence of the 1992 Consensus... Read More