New Bloom was founded with a regional and international scope in mind. We have staff based in Taiwan, China and the United States, and collectively represent an array of countries and national origins. Moreover, the model of syncretized transnational discourse to which we owe our founding is generalizable and cross-applicable. With this in mind, we aim to build a publication coterminous with the Sinosphere (華人國家), as the overlap in issues and language, we believe, will contribute to an enhance discourse.

If you’re interested in assisting our expansion to China, Hong Kong or Singapore, please send an inquiry to [email protected].

破土為聚焦國際之雜誌,我們的寫手位於台灣、中國和美國,且來自不同國家。藉由如此跨國藉、跨地區的對話與交流,使我們能夠廣泛的、多面向的探討議題。懷著這樣的理想,我們希望能打破疆界,創造一個探討華人世界議題的出版平台。如果您對我們拓展至中國、香港的計畫有興趣,請來信[email protected]