White Wolf Chang An-Lo

Retaliation Against Efforts To Investigate Chinese Spying In Taiwan?

Chinese spying efforts in Taiwan have been under closer scrutiny in past months, as observed in government investigation of the New Party and Chinese Unification Promotion Party. However, reports by Chinese state-run media in the last week warning against Taiwanese spies in China could be retaliation for the Tsai administration's recent efforts against Chinese spying... Read More

Does CUPP Raid Indicate Future Attempts To Crack Down On Chinese Funding Of Pro-Unification Groups?

Raids on the offices of "White Wolf" Chang An-Lo's Chinese Unification Promotion Party have led to accusations from Chang that the DPP is conducting political persecution against pan-Blue political actors. The raids took place on August 7th, with Chang An-Lo and his son called in for questioning by police on August 9th. Both were later released without jail... Read More

Attempts By China To Engineer New Pro-Unification Figures In The Media Spotlight

A new trend can be discerned in recent news coverage of Taiwan by pro-China media and pro-China commentators that act as the unofficial spokespersons of the Chinese state. This would be to claim in some way that the rising tide of pro-independence views in Taiwan and the growing strength of independent Taiwanese identity has reversed itself, pointing to exciting new figures taking the political scene by storm who are staunchly unification... Read More

DMG Entertainment Cooperating With The White Wolf To Acquire Eastern Broadcasting?

The saga of DMG Entertainment seeking to acquire Taiwan’s Eastern Broadcasting Company would seem to have become more complicated in recent days with reports that DMG is seeking former gangster turned pro-unification politician “White Wolf” Chang An-Lo, who committed political assassinations for the KMT in the past, to act as its representative in Taiwan... Read More