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Despite Azar Visit, America is Unlikely to Learn from Taiwan’s Experiences Fighting COVID-19

News that American Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar plans to visit Taiwan as part of a diplomatic visit in the near future is ironic, given America’s disastrous handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. While Azar’s visit to Taiwan will be conducted under the auspices of seeking to learn from Taiwan’s successes fighting off the COVID-19 pandemic, one generally expects this to be primarily political theater... Read More

Actions by Trump Indicate Taiwan and Hong Kong Used Only to Score Points Against China

A press conference by US president Donald Trump took an unexpected turn yesterday after Trump announced not only the end of Hong Kong’s favorable trade status under American law, but that the US would be withdrawing from the World Health Organization. The WHO is the UN agency responsible for global health. The move is expected to have large repercussions on both Taiwan and Hong Kong... Read More

Claims by Chinese Officials That COVID-19 Originates in America Follow a Familiar Script

A Chinese diplomatic official raised eyebrows in the past week with claims that the COVID-19 coronavirus may not originate from China. Zhao Lijian, a Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson, took to Twitter to claim that the COVID-19 coronavirus might not have originated from Wuhan, but could have been brought to China by the American military... Read More

What Are the Implications of Taiwan and America’s National Security Chiefs Meeting?

Reactions from China have, unsurprisingly, been unhappy regarding a recent meeting between American National Security Advisor John Bolton and Taiwanese National Security Council Secretary-General David Lee. However, perhaps too many in Taiwan have proved unwilling to look a gift horse in the mouth regarding the meeting... Read More