Anger After Comments by Ko Regarding Victims of Political Persecution

As an unorthodox politician who originally campaigned in 2014 with the claim that he was a regular person that sought to enter politics, rather than a slick and polished member of the political establishment, Taipei mayor Ko Wen-je has established a reputation for gaffes over the years. It may not be surprising that Ko has once again provoked ire with a number of recent comments... Read More

Ambiguity Continues Regarding 2020 Presidential Election Candidates

An abortive alliance between Taipei mayor Ko Wen-je, former KMT majority speaker Wang Jinpyng, and FoxConn CEO Terry Gou seems to have sputtered out, following comments by Ko in which he denigrated the other two before a planned meeting that was to take place last Sunday. Although unlikely, talk is also on the rise of the KMT potentially replacing Kaohsiung mayor Han Kuo-yu as its presidential candidate in 2020 elections, with the KMT demonstrating some unusual splits regarding Han... Read More

TPP Reversal A Sign Of Incoherency, Not Grand Mastery Of Negotiation By Trump

Reports that Donald Trump intends to reverse course on the TPP are vaguely humorous. Namely, withdrawing from the agreement was not only a key campaign promise of Trump’s but literally one of Trump’s first actions in office. But there will no doubt be those that claim that the Trump administration's reversal is the Trump administration engaging in high-risk negotiation tactics rather than simple incoherency... Read More

Challenges For Tsai In The Wake Of The US Withdrawal From TPP Negotiations

With the signing of Trump’s executive order regarding the United States’s withdrawal from Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations, US president Donald Trump brought an end to US involvement in the controversial trade deal that would have opened markets between the US and many countries in the Asia Pacific,with the notable exception of China. What now for Taiwan, which sought admission to the trade deal?... Read More


倘若加入 RCEP 可以預見會引發反對,因為它是和中國簽訂的自由貿易協議,恐將成為中國以商逼政侵害臺灣主權的工具,加不加入 TPP 對於某些人來說則是更大的問題。到頭來,我們發現,要是服貿協議作為一個不經立法院充分討論就強行推動的「黑箱」,在 2014 年引發了這麼強大的反彈,那麼 TPP 恐怕同樣是個大黑箱,更有可能破壞臺灣的民主自由,將民主自由出賣給財團利益。... Read More