Taiwanese authoritarian period

Challenges Remain to Uncovering the Truth Behind White Terror Incidents

The long path for transitional justice to be achieved in Taiwan is evident in the challenges faced by efforts to bring the truth of major incidents during the White Terror to light. President Tsai Ing-wen vowed to do so in July through declassifying the files of the National Security Bureau and other institutions of the ROC state that carried out political persecutions on behalf of the KMT during the authoritarian period... Read More

Scandal Breaks Out Regarding Transitional Justice Efforts And Hou You-Yi

Efforts to pursue transitional justice under the Tsai administration have met with scandal over comments made during a meeting by Chang Tien-chin, the deputy chair of the Transitional Justice Commission understood as a proposal to manipulate public opinion to benefit the DPP in upcoming 2018 local elections later this year. The ensuing backlash led to Chang's resignation. It remains to be seen how efforts to pursue transitional justice under the Tsai administration will be affected by the scandal... Read More