September 24th, 2014

The debate about Chinese air power and its ramifications for Taiwanese national security continues, with the continued controversy over China’s “dangerous intercept” of US surveillance craft in late August continuing to unfold and an ensuing debate about the legitimacy or illegitimacy of Chinese responses to American surveillance in past weeks. While the issue of arms sales has taken center stage, as it often does, with the strong likelihood of US arms sales to Taiwan in the next year but without submarine or fighter plane sales to Taiwan and the canceling of planned upgrading of 146 Taiwanese F-16 fighter planes.... Read More

The Impossibility of Democracy in Hong Kong?

Does the possibility exist for Hong Kong to attain democracy? This question has yet to be settled. In the face of China’s refusal to allow non-vetted candidates to run for Hong Kong’s Chief Executive, the highest political position in the Hong Kong government, the stage is set for Occupy Central to once again seize control of Hong Kong’s Central district, the city’s financial and economic heart... Read More