Social Democratic Party (Taiwan)

What Will Become Of The Third Force In 2018 Elections?

Going into 2018 local elections tomorrow, it is a question as to what will become of Taiwan’s so-called “Third Force”. “Third Force” as a term refers to political parties which emerged after the 2014 Sunflower Movement, composed in large part out of young people, youth candidates, and activists turned politician, and which framed themselves as breaking from establishment politics both DPP and KMT... Read More

Interview: Jennifer Lu (呂欣潔)

In early April, New Bloom’s Brian Hioe interviewed the Social Democratic Party's Jennifer Lu (呂欣潔) by Skype. Although several months have passed since then, we still believe the interview still to be insightful about the Social Democratic Party and its political positions in the present. This was our second interview with Jennifer Lu, we first interviewed her in August of 2014.... Read More