religion in Taiwan

Proposed Changes To Religious Basic Act Would Put Religious Groups Above The Law

Outrage has ensued from members of Taiwanese civil society after proposed changes to the Religious Basic Law which would effectively remove religious groups from government oversight. Namely, while members of Taiwanese are among the first defend religious liberties and frequently react against what is perceived as the government overstepping its bounds, concerns are that such changes would effectively make religious groups above the law... Read More

Rolls-Royce Purchases Prompts Mockery, Criticism Of Rulaizong Spiritual Leader

Taiwan's many Buddhist, Daoist, and New Age religious cults are in the news once again, with a recent wave of mockery by Taiwanese netizens directed at Miaochan, the spiritual leader of the Rulaizong Buddhist organization, which claims to practice Zen Buddhism. This follows on the heels of news that Rulaizong purchased two Rolls-Royces for Miaochan, adding to past accusations of internal corruption within the organization... Read More