referendum in Taiwan

What Now for Taiwanese Independence Efforts After the Failure of the Olympics Referendum?

The proposal for Taiwan to participate in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics under the name “Taiwan”, instead of “Chinese Taipei”, was among those defeated during the referendum held simultaneously with 2018 local elections. This will have important ramifications going forward for efforts to realize Taiwanese independence... Read More

Voter Fraud On KMT-Led Referendums Proves A Complex Challenge To Tsai Administration

Recent dilemmas faced by the Central Election Commission point again to the challenges of holding a political referendum in Taiwan. Namely, in response to the issue that the KMT seems to have forged a large number of signatures for a referendum against a petition to gradually to phase out thermal power plants that the party has been pushing for, the commission has decided to allow the referendum to pass, but to possibly impose criminal penalties on the KMT for forging signatures... Read More

CEC Faces Challenge Of Combining Conflicting Referendum Proposals

In past months, one has observed a number of conflicting referendum proposals achieving the necessary political benchmarks to be held. The number of referendum proposals currently on the table is inclusive of referendums calling for gay marriage, against gay marriage, for nuclear power, for coal power, and for changing the name under which Taiwan is to participate in 2020 Tokyo Olympics... Read More

Are Progressive Civil Society Outgunned By The KMT And Anti-Gay Groups In Referendum Efforts?

The referendum will soon become a highly contested political battleground in Taiwan, with a number of ongoing referendum initiatives likely to qualify for making it onto the ballot in 2018 elections, At this juncture, one can also venture a number of preliminary observations about what the effects of referendum reform in Taiwan have been... Read More

August Key Month For Referendum Campaigns

August would be a key period for several referendum pushes in Taiwan at present. Both the Formosa Alliance’s push to achieve a referendum on Taiwan participating in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics under the name “Taiwan” instead of “Chinese Taipei” and an alliance of anti-gay groups hoping to hold a referendum against gay marriage and sexual education they see as encouraging homosexuality aim to reach 280,000 signatures by the end of the month... Read More