pension reform in Taiwan

Violent Attacks On Journalists, Police By Anti-Pension Reform Demonstrators

Anger broken out in Taiwanese society after physical violence by pan-Blue demonstrators protesting against pension reform yesterday. What has been shocking and angering has been the use of physical violence by anti-pension demonstrators, particularly against journalists and the police. This led to fourteen journalists and 84 police officers being injured, including the beating of journalists and destruction of their equipment, attacks on media vans, and disruptions to the National Taiwan University Children's Hospital by anti-pension demonstrators... Read More

Pension Reform Opponents Illustrate Reactionary Ideology With Their Actions

Strange scenes took place across Taiwan yesterday as part of a nationwide day of action against pension reform, mostly from pan-Blue military veterans. Most visible of these would be the attempt by several hundred opponents of pension reform to storm the Legislative Yuan, something which led to clashes with police and police injuries when they attempted to tear down the razor wire fence surrounding the Legislative Yuan... Read More