One China Policy

View of China as Only a “Competitor” and Not a Threat Overly Optimistic

On the third of July, a group of American scholars and China watchers co-signed and published an op-ed with seven points in the Washington Post, titled “China is not an enemy". But the letter may simply reflect American naïveté; many in Taiwan, for one, would tell a drastically different story, that China is a threat to democracy on an island of 23 million people... Read More

Did The Polarized Narratives About The Trump-Tsai Call Both Get It Wrong?

Critiques of international media’s reaction to the Trump-Tsai call by pro-Taiwan commentators should be grounded on calling out American hypocrisy on relations with Taiwan instead of trying to convince one’s self and others that the media has gotten it wrong on Trump the all-knowing’s master strategy for the Asia Pacific... Read More