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Recent Incidents Point Toward Need for Stronger Protections for Migrant Workers in Taiwan

A number of recent incidents over the past few months point to the need for stronger protections for migrant workers in Taiwan. The first incident involves the death of a migrant worker after a hydrofluoric acid spill in a factory, the second incident involves the death of a migrant worker in a hospital in Nantou under mysterious circumstances, and the third incident involves the sentencing of a police officer involved in the shooting death of a migrant worker in 2017... Read More

Despite Official Celebrations, Path For Migrant Workers’ Rights Remains Long In Taiwan

Despite official commemorations by the Taiwanese government yesterday stressing the role migrant workers play in Taiwanese society at the 228 Memorial Park to commemorate International Migrants’ Day, which is today on December 18th, rights for migrant workers has a long way to go in Taiwan. This what bears keeping in mind today on International Migrants’ Day... Read More