Ma Ying-Jeou

Green Terror Accusations Nothing More Than Outright Denial Of White Terror

Accusations by the KMT that the DPP is instituting a “Green Terror” of political persecution against the pan-Blue camp that is equal to or worse than the White Terror perpetrated by the KMT during the authoritarian period are groundless and ridiculous. Such accusations are ultimately a form of historical denial, but they may gain traction due to historical amnesia in "post-fact" times... Read More

Charges Facing Ma Ying-Jeou Complicated By New Party Scandal

Former president Ma Ying-Jeou of the KMT, who saw the eruption of the Sunflower Movement against his policies aimed at directing the unification of Taiwan and China under his term, continues to come under fire for actions that took place during his presidency. In particular, Ma is currently facing lawsuits regarding the underselling of former state-owned enterprises and former KMT party assets. But this has been complicated by the recent scandal regarding the detention of high-profile New Party members... Read More

Despite Occurring Under Ma Administration, KMT Attempts To Pin Ching Fu Scandal On DPP

The Ching Fu scandal continues to unfold, regarding the suspicious circumstances in which a 35.8 billion NTD contract was awarded to the Ching Fu Corporation to construct minesweepers for the navy, something it later proved unable to do. The KMT has taken the unusual tactic of trying to pin a scandal that occurred under Ma Ying-Jeou onto the DPP, however... Read More

Ching Fu Scandal Has Far-Reaching Implications For Ma Administration Officials

Questions of corruption at Taiwan’s highest levels of government under the Ma administration have been raised with regards to the Ching Fu loan scandal, in which a 35.8 billion NTD contract was awarded to the Ching Fu Corporation to construct six minesweepers for the navy, as well as provided with a 20.5 billion NTD syndicated loan. However, it was announced last week that Ching Fu had defaulted upon its loan and that Ching Fu would be unable to complete the minesweeper contract, raising suspicions regarding why the contract and loan were given to Ching Fu to begin with... Read More

The Taipei Dome Controversy And Issues Of Entrenched Political Corruption In Taiwan?

Controversy over the Taipei Dome continues, having dragged out at this point for years, with all members of the Taipei Dome safety review committee listed as defendants in the ongoing criminal investigation into the Taipei Dome’s construction process. The controversy is revealing of the endemic problem of political corruption in infrastructure development projects in Taiwan... Read More

Is An Unpopular Government A Permanent Characteristic Of Taiwanese Democracy?

With recent polling by the Taiwanese Public Opinion Foundation indicating that the majority of the Taiwanese public is dissatisfied with the government, this would be a sign of the Tsai administration’s failure to maintain the political momentum it rode into power on. However, although this does not absolve Tsai from blame for her political actions either, perhaps this ultimately is due to the characteristics of Taiwan’s democracy as a result of the process of Taiwanese democratization... Read More