Ultra-Left Or Neoconservative? The Paradoxical Politics Of Coolloud

Coolloud has declared itself to be one of the most dedicated, independently funded leftist media in Taiwan. Traditionally, they have reported on social movements and protests that were seldom covered by the mainstream press. However, with the rise of independent media in the recent years, the political direction of Coolloud has increasingly become a position of opposition against the so-called “mainstream” social movements in Taiwan instead of right-wing forces or the state... Read More


苦勞網一向自詡為台灣最盡心盡力,且獨立募資的左翼媒體之一。他們傳統上都會報導在主流媒體幾乎得不到版面的社會運動和抗爭。然而,隨著近年來獨立媒體的興起,苦勞網的政治走向越來越趨近於一種反對台灣社會運動的所謂「主流」,而非反對右翼勢力的立場。... Read More


今年6月25日我們糾集60為旅英臺灣人,以倫敦講臺的名義報名參加倫敦同志大遊行。倫敦講臺是2014年臺灣318學運後成立的旅英跨校學人平台,致力於促進與臺灣議題有關的公共討論、深化民主。遊行回來後,我們將遊行片段與兩位異男學生扮裝遊行的訪談,剪輯成一則小影片。... Read More