Hong Kong asylum seekers in Taiwan

Claims That Five Hongkongers Detained in Taiwan Since July Stir Controversy

Controversy has broken out after claims that the Taiwanese government has been holding five Hongkongers that fled to Taiwan under detention for the last two months. The Taiwanese government was, for the most part, opaque over past weeks about whether it is, in fact, holding the five Hongkongers—with questions having been raised about whether they have been allowed to see lawyers or contact their families... Read More

Video: One Year Anniversary of Start of Hong Kong Protests Remembered in Taipei

One day before the anticipated passage of new national security legislation in Hong Kong, New Bloom presents a look back at the solidarity rally for Hong Kong that took place in Taipei earlier this month in Liberty Plaza. The rally commemorated one year since the start of the protests in Hong Kong, with calls for asylum policies to be passed for Hongkongers by the Tsai administration... Read More

Comments by Han on Bill for Hong Kong Asylum Seekers Are Hypocritical

An attempt by KMT presidential candidate Han Kuo-yu to attack the DPP on the issue of its failure to pass an asylum law for Hongkongers proves ironic. It is the KMT, after all, which is the political party in Taiwan calling for the political unification of Taiwan and Hong Kong. At the same time, it is true that the DPP has failed to take substantive action to help Hongkongers seeking refuge in Taiwan... Read More