Gui Minhai

Harrowing Experience Related by Angela Gui Reminds of Early Incident in the Lee Ming-Che Case

A harrowing experience recently related by Angela Gui in a blog post regarding her kidnapped father should be well noted in Taiwan. Gui is the daughter of Gui Minhai, one of five Hong Kong booksellers who published books critical of China who were “disappeared” by China. Namely, Angela Gui’s experiences point to how China’s general modus operandi regarding individuals it has kidnapped, reminding strongly of the experiences of Lee Ching-yu, the wife of kidnapped Taiwanese human rights advocate Lee Ming-che... Read More

New Incentives By China Raises Other Incidents Of China Treating Taiwanese As Citizens

Moves by China to upgrade benefits currently enjoyed by Taiwanese similar to those enjoyed by Chinese citizens, as a way of luring Taiwan into its fold, would be another attempt by China to divide and conquer Taiwan from within. It remains to be seen how successful these strategies prove to be. But there are already several cases in which one can see what the logical outcome of China treating Taiwanese citizens as they are Chinese citizens would be... Read More