Facebook Glitch Banning Political Content Last Week Prompts Censorship Fears

Concerns regarding the role social media could potentially play in next year’s presidential elections have been flagged in a number of incidents. Last week, Mirror Media, Newtalk, Storm Media, and Up Media suddenly found themselves prevented from making posts on social media, and Facebook users found themselves unable to post content critical of the Chinese government or on Taiwanese social issues, such as LGBTQ issues... Read More

Huawei Ban by Google Could Lead to Further Escalation of US-China Trade War

The US-China trade war has significantly escalated in the past week, with American tech giant Google cutting off Chinese telecommunications company Huawei from firmware updates for its Android operating system, the Google Play store, and Google apps. It is highly possible that China will take some retaliatory action against America in coming days, though it is unclear what form such retaliatory actions would take... Read More