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RCA Ruling Pays Compensation to Only 24 of 246 Plaintiffs

The long-running RCA case, one of Taiwan’s major class-action lawsuits against chemical pollution and its effects on the health of Taiwanese factory workers, continues to be unresolved. This can be observed in a ruling by the High Court last week, in which RCA was ordered to pay 54.7 million NTD to only 24 of 246 plaintiffs. The ruling is likely to be appealed... Read More

RCA Court Ruling A Victory For Workers, But What Now?

A ruling by the Taiwan High Court in favor of RCA workers whose health was affected by industrial pollution is a victory, not only for RCA workers but for Taiwanese labor overall. A landmark case in Taiwanese labor, the case is also a case with few precedents in Taiwanese jurisprudence, as a class action lawsuit with hundreds of plaintiffs. Subsequently, it remains to be seen what will come next for efforts to secure justice for RCA workers... Read More

The RCA Labor Struggle And Its Legal Challenges: A Labor Case “Made In Taiwan”?

With an upcoming court ruling by Taiwan’s High Court regarding the historic RCA case, a landmark case in Taiwanese labor, it remains to be seen if the decades-long struggle of RCA workers for justice will soon come to an end. Either way, the case will be a historic one for Taiwanese labor, as well as for Taiwanese labor law... Read More